Time and time again, we hear from our partners in industry that one area where many recent undergrads struggle is working with others to achieve a common goal. An individual might be smart and have incredible skills, but today’s technology products and systems are so big and so complicated that no one person can work in isolation. The ability to communicate and work well in teams is a key to success in this industry.

Being part of the CSin3 cohort is great practice for teamwork.

Our students’ success, both inside and outside the classroom, comes back to cohort culture. All of our students will tell you that one of their favorite parts of CSin3 is being a part of a cohort. A cohort is a group of students working through the same academic curriculum. CSin3 cohorts range from 30-35 students. Everyone in the cohort takes the same courses, goes to the same study times, the same tutors, and the same workshops. Within weeks of joining the program, your cohort will become your home away from home, your second family.

The unofficial moto of the cohorts is “nobody gets left behind.” If a student is struggling in a class, they should feel comfortable asking a cohort mate for help. If a student is excelling in a class, they should help their peers succeed as well. This is also true when applying for jobs and internships. CSin3 students do not compete with one another, they help each other so everyone succeeds.


We hold our students to high expectations and we expect them to demonstrate grit.